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Incent your customers with points & miles they already collect

It's never been easier to launch your own incentive program. With PointsSelect, you can connect to eleven of the world's largest loyalty programs from one account. Offer points and miles to gain new customers, drive sales, grow loyalty and recognize employees, all while saving valuable time.

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Unlock the power of choice for your customers

The average household belongs to 26 loyalty programs*. The last thing your customers want is to collect points or miles in another one. With PointsSelect you enable your customers to earn in the programs they’re already collecting in -- programs that over 200 million people belong to. With eleven of the world’s most popular loyalty programs to choose from (and growing!), PointsSelect gives your customers the power to choose the rewards they want.

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You can get started in a few simple steps:
1. Complete an application and buy points/miles.
2. Showcase your offer using all 11 participating programs.
3. Login and award points and miles.

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*COLLOQUY Loyalty Census, 2012